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Andres Bardon Art About Toys


As a visual artist, art consultant and graphic designer from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, I have lived and worked in South America until 2012. Now, happily based in the Houston area of the United States, I have started Art About LLC, a brand new art related company.

Since my childhood I have two passions that remain the same: wildlife and art.

Working now for the toy industry, especially the animal toys industry, it is like a true dream work for me so I do my job with a great enthusiasm and gratitude.

In 2009, I started to work for the German company Schleich GmbH, leader in plastic figurines, where I had the chance to project many ideas that really renewed the way toy pictures are usually done. Since 2012, works for CollectA based in Hong Kong, and Mojo Fun in UK, are also added to my portfolio.

It will be great for me to share my experience and passion with other companies in the toy industry and to have the chance to take new and exciting challenges together.


Andres Bardon / Art About Toys

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